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I will have to start a job one way or another so I decided to TRY and make a deviantart career. Difficult as it may be i will open up requests quite soon to try and get some people requesting some art from me. I know this may look like looking for attention but i really don't want to remain jobless in the near future of my life. It might be a bit too soon to ask for things like this but i could at least try right?  And i think Requests are a very friendly way to start a huge career in art.
Requests will be up in 3 days
What i can do:
*Animal crossing((can do players with a lot of accessories, can do simple backgrounds))

*pokemon((cannot do detailed pokemon EG Arceus, Dialga or Metagross, simple backgrounds))

*half body image of OC ((simplistic designs, not too much detail, can do simple backgrounds))

*full body image of OC((Same as the last one but full body, can do simple backgrounds))

*Ponies((full body and half body images, can do detailed backgrounds if the pony is not too hard to draw))

*Other ((anything i didn't list above EG TLK, Digimon, Lineless(depends on what you want lineless) ))

What i cannot do:
*Characters with a lot of detail ((EG Piercings, Multi-colored hair on humans, Multi-colored eyes(EG eyes like Gillian reborn) ETC)) 

*any vehicle((i cannot draw vehicles for crap))

*Anything WEIRD or SEXUAL ((EG things like Vore, inflating, sex, ETC Kissing and hugging is fine though))

*Mary sues and Gary sues or whatever you call them. ((I WILL NEVER DRAW OVER POWERED CHARACTERS!!))

Thank you
PS, you guys are awesome!
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Im glad to watch people that need more watchers :3

I mean your art is so amazing!~
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You Deserve all those words ouo
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